Our cattle breeding profile

At Ecoterra we are producing three kinds of beef cattle: Charolais, Limousin and Red Angus – as an experiment.


According to the official documents, the history of the white Charolais breed dates back to AD 878. Now days we import a cattle from the central France, near an old province named Charolles.

Characteristics of the Charolais breed:

  • A large and very muscular. A bull can reach 1400 kg, a cow up to 900 kg.
  • Their coat is white with a light straw colour.
  • High dressing percentage at 55-60%. Most frequent EUROP classification: U. Classification below: R+ is very rare.

The Charolais meat is considered to be one of the best of its kind.

It is characterised by deep dark red colour and delicate fatness, which guarantees juicy taste. It is a “haute couture” among the meat.


Although an official Limousin herd book is dated back to 1886, its history reaching over 200 years. Originally the cattle comes from Limousin and Marche regions of France.

Characteristics of the Limousin breed:

  • A very muscular cattle with a characteristic colour (a plain red, shades varies from a dark cherry to a bright red, with lighter hair around a muzzle, eyes, in the groin and on the limbs).
  • Very fertile, easy calving, an excellent dressing percentage and yield.
  • High adaptability to a various environmental conditions.

The meat of Limousin is relatively lean and very tender, which is why amateurs of high quality beef appreciate it.

Red Angus

Red Angus breed was firstly mentioned during Viking era, around the 10th Century.

Originally both a black and a red specimens were included into one single herd book. Officially the breed was recognised in 1954, when the American Association of Red Angus was established.

Characteristics of the Red Angus breed:

  • A hornless Scottish cattle, red-coloured, as opposed to the black-coloured Aberdeen Angus.
  • Small and mild-tempered.
  • Very high in robustness, immune to diseases, easily adaptable to a various climate conditions and free range husbandry.

Red Angus meat is highly marbled. This is why it is mostly desired by butchers and restaurateurs who value its high quality.