Beef cattle breeding

At Ecoterra we are raising and breeding the beef cattle. We own a herd of around 400 animals, including 240 of mother cows.

Our main goals are: selecting the best animals and constant development of the herd that will allow us to reach position of a leader among livestock breeders.

The core task in a cattle farming is to correctly select those animals who will become the best parents for the next generation. We put special emphasis on quality of our bulls. We purchase them only from a breeding stations.

Our skilled specialists are constantly supervising the herd. They care for a regular feeding times, their good health, and a right reproduction schedule. A top condition of our calves is a result of great teamwork and collaboration with an experienced vets.


  • Charolais (Canadian line)
  • Limousin
  • Red Angus (on a experimental basis)


Our beef cattle is free from any diseases:

  • tuberculosis,
  • Brucellosis,
  • enzootic bovine leucosis.

We are carrying out a broad range of regular health checks like:

  • Vaccination
  • Drenching
  • Protection against insects during the grazing season


  • Winter
  • Early spring

Females are checked for pregnancy at the end of each grazing season.

Grazing and feeding

  • During spring, summer and autumn, our cattle stays on fenced pastures with constant access to the water. The cattle is pastured on a rotational basis.
  • During winter season our animals are kept inside. The basic fodder is TMR from fodder plants cultivated on our farm (a maize silage, a straw, a hay, a grass, a silage).

The amount of fodder is based on an appropriate measures.